No matter if your day starts slow like a Sunday morning or is a go-go-go, breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. The key is making sure you don’t skip it as you’re running out the door for your busy morning, so you need some quick & easy breakfast ideas.

If you are like us, then breakfast has always been a meal we have struggled with. We would rather squeeze in an extra 15 minutes of sleep than get up and make breakfast. And, to be honest, we have never really had much of an appetite in the morning. Unless you count our appetite for coffee and in that case, we are definitely breakfast fans!

Over time, we came to realize the importance of breakfast. Not only does it help set the tone for our day, but it gives us the energy we need to work at our most optimal level. As a bonus, those early morning eats prevent cravings later in the day. Who would have guessed!

Below, we have listed one of the easiest yet tastiest granola breakfast ideas that will be sure to start your day off right!

One of the simplest breakfast recipes to throw together is a good-old yogurt and granola. Yep, that’s right – a yogurt and granola breakfast is sure to give you the energy and boost you need to start and finish your day.

Peanut Butter Berry Yogurt Bowl:

Sprinkle a handful of fresh berries of your choice onto Landmade Peanut Butter Granola and some yogurt, and you’re ready to go! Try adding some extra peanut butter to this recipe for a high protein kick!