When preparing breakfast for kids, we have three criteria: It shouldn’t cost a lot, it shouldn’t take a long time to prepare, and it has to be healthy. It’s important too that kids start the morning off right and filling them up with something healthy helps them stay focused during school hours. It’s not overly challenging to get a decent breakfast on the table each morning. Keep reading for quick and healthy breakfast ideas for kids! 

Here at Landmade, we were shocked to hear how many children skip breakfast before school. Many kids resort to grab-and-go sugary breakfast pastries or a snack bag of dry cereal or eating breakfast on the bus to school. Yeah, not exactly healthy. And after an hour or so at school, their stomachs are burning with hunger. That sure makes it hard to focus on their studies!

Crafting a quick breakfast that is kid-friendly using some common pantry items shouldn’t be hard to do.

Landmade Granola contains healthy and real ingredients that you can actually get your kids to eat, even your picky eaters! Made with gluten-free oats, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, vanilla extract, and cinnamon, this tasty and highly nutritious breakfast recipe below will keep your kids energized and smiling throughout their day!

Vanilla Cinnamon Delight:

Start with some plain yogurt or Greek yogurt. Add Landmade Vanilla Cinnamon Granola on top so that it covers the yogurt. Top with berries, sliced peaches, and for extra protein, peanut butter, and you are halfway home to a tasty school breakfast that the kids will love. Throw on some chocolate chips and you’ll be Mom or Dad of the year!